About Us

SeaSwell is all about the Mornington Peninsula! Our main focus is to capture the Peninsula via photography and share these images on a regular basis. SeaSwell also provides up-to-date information on local weather, local news, what's on, sea conditions, beach profiles and much, much more. We will keep you up-to-date on your Peninsula, even if you happen to be sitting in an office somewhere wishing you were here.

The Peninsula means something different to everyone and when you ask around, people love it for very different reasons. SeaSwell came about because we wanted to bring everything that makes the Peninsula special into one site and celebrate all that it has to offer.

SeaSwell evolved after 12 months of taking photos and exploring this amazing area. We loved the idea of having everything to do with the Peninsula on one site and making it a hub for locals, weekenders and holiday makers.

We hope that you enjoy our journey through time down on the Mornington Peninsula and find lots of interesting updates and information about your much loved seaside home/holiday destination.


I have had a diverse career. I come from a sporting background and most of my working life has focused on health and fitness. I've always loved my work and this is a prerequisite before deciding on the next step in my career.

Quite by accident I started a kids/family photography business in 2010 and have not looked back. I found a creative side of myself that I never knew existed. I still love working in 'Hide & Seek Photography' and it has been the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in my life.

I have been coming down to the Peninsula for over 40 years and it has been a constant in my life, regardless of where I have been living. It was this love of the Peninsula that prompted me to move down here in 2011 with my husband and three kids. Since then, I've enjoyed exploring all that the Peninsula has to offer and I'm now also seeing it through my children's eyes. I started taking photos of everything from beaches and landscapes to people and events. SeaSwell is a result of this passion and I truly love being out and about on the Peninsula with my camera.


Having worked in the banking and finance industry for 17 years, I have finally come to the realisation that life is too short to be working most of the day and night and seeing very little of family and friends.

Not to be confused with a mid-life crisis (as I am yet to purchase a Harley Davidson), I have embraced the full time move to the Mornington Peninsula as an opportunity to spend more time with the people and in the places I love and less time in the office.

Being a jack-of-all-trades I bring to SeaSwell everything apart from taking photos. I guess that makes me sales and marketing director, head framer, company secretary, barrista and global head of school drop-off and pick-up.

This is one of the most remarkable places on earth and I feel truly blessed to have an opportunity to live and work down here surrounded by my family, friends and a very large dog. I look forward to sharing SeaSwell with as many people as possible, even the occasional banker.